Personal Counselling

I provide Personal Counselling in a way that responds to your individual needs.  I will provide a fresh perspective on your difficulties creating opportunity for positive change enabling you to have a more fulfilling life. If you have difficulties in your relationship please click on Relationship Counselling

 Counselling will help you to –

  • explore your difficulties
  • create better understanding
  • develop confidence
  • bring positive change
  • lead a more fulfilling life

Key areas for Personal Counselling


Anxiety is a term which covers a wide range of problems from the temporary effects of stress to panic attacks, compulsions, phobias or debilitating nervous illness.  Anxiety is a fear that can feel like an overwhelming disabling worry which dominates your life. As it becomes more powerful, you can slide into a vicious spiral, becoming anxious about being anxious. If anxiety is affecting you and your relationship I can provide you with support and techniques for you to reduce, manage or even overcome your anxiety.

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Depression is a common condition and has many causes. We all can feel low at times but sometimes it can feel difficult to shake off. If it is starting to interfere with your life it may be time to seek help. Counselling is effective in treating mild to moderate depression and the earlier help is sought the better, it is often combined with medication. In more severe cases known as clinical depression support from your GP and other agencies may be required.

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Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is a pattern of abusive behaviour, there are many different forms the abuse can take, including physical, verbal, psychological, sexual, emotional, threatening, intimidating or involve deprivation. Domestic violence is not a private matter it is a criminal offence and therefore is not an issue that should just be kept between the two people in the relationship. The first practical step to take in an abusive relationship is to tell someone. Discovered early enough, it may be possible to salvage the relationship and prevent the situation spiralling out of control through counselling and other support programmes.

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Stress is the pressure of daily life, it can be positive and spur you into action but too much stress can put your health at risk and leave you unable to function, it feeds on itself and lowers your ability to cope, When stress and your reaction to it are dominating your life and there is no chance to switch off,  it is time to seek help.

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Bereavement and Loss

It is normal to feel sad and even angry when a person close to us dies or a relationship ends. Mourning is a ‘cycle of loss’ which often includes denial, fear, loneliness, grief, anger and letting go.  Talking about the loss is usually helpful and allows a person to adjust to their new life with all its changes, good and bad. Keeping things bottled up, or denying the sadness can prolong the pain and can induce depression. Bereavement is a painful process that  allows us to come to terms with the loss.

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Loss of Confidence

Many people struggle with low self-confidence and aspire to be more self-confident,  self-confidence is a skill that can be developed. Counselling can help if you’re suffering with low self-confidence providing techniques and strategies to build your self confidence and change current negative thinking.

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Low self esteem

Low self esteem is  common in today’s society with those who accept a limited sense of self worth as they struggle to find their place in the world. Low self-esteem may also lead to feeling depressed and hopeless, and thinking negatively about yourself and your right to happiness. Counselling helps to change negative thinking patterns, builds self esteem, develops a sense of self that ensures a more fulfilling life.

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Work related issues

On average we spend almost a quarter of our adult life at work, it can give us a sense of purpose, structure and satisfaction but work can also cause stress and frustration with our health and self-esteem suffering. Counselling can help unravel patterns of relating to people, and show us how to examine our own issues, helping towards a more fulfilling career.

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Sexual abuse

If a person is pressured to do something sexual against their will, it is a form of sexual abuse and if involving a child is a criminal offence. As with all types of abuse there are issues of powerlessness, control and anger which if remain unresolved can cause difficulties in adult relationships. Individual counselling can be an effective treatment  for abuse survivors enabling them to develop healthy and happy adult relationships.

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To make an appointment please contact me and I will try and arrange a time that is convenient to you.

Sessions in Clevedon are held in a comfortable and confidential room at The Wellbeing Centre, 6, Alexandra Road, Clevedon BS21 7QE. Street parking is available nearby.

Sessions in Bristol are held in a comfortable and confidential room at The BerkeleyCentre Health, 3, Berkeley Square Clifton, Bristol. BS8 1HL. Street parking is available nearby.

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