For many school days were enjoyable times of learning and developing but for others it can be the start of a hidden traumatising experience. For many Boarding school survivors that I work with (as adults) it is difficult for them to admit to their problems due to their ’learned’ confident and capable exterior and often successful careers. However their (ex) partners / wives confirm the symptoms of ‘Boarding school syndrome’, in their relationships struggling with issues of trust & intimacy, over working, stress, hoarding and dis-associative behaviours. These adults, as a child growing up, lacked their parents, their home and parenting when they most needed it. A child’s place is at home with their parents not away Boarding with others despite the allure of a superior education. For more information contact Paul at Clevedon Counselling & Coaching via email, call 0774 829 5253 or find more information at  Recommended books:- ‘The Making of them’ by Nick Duffell and ‘Boarding school syndrome’ by Joy Schaverein who have pioneered approaches and research in this mainly unacknowledged and neglected field of trauma. Or see The Making of Them on   or the Edinburgh debate on