Clevedon Counselling

Domestic Violence

How right Julie Bindel ( Guardian 26th May)  is to draw attention to the need for an inquiry which might come up with recommendations to help prevent domestic violence on women and children happening in the first place. see article:- and sign up to the 38 degrees petition too.

Conditions of service

Please find attached my client agreement and conditions of service. Unsocial hours or weekend appointments  will incur a Premium fee of £80 per session.

Boarding Schools

The legacy of being at Boarding school can be problematic and complex. The attached information may be helpful  Boarding school syndrome.    

Relationship Health Check

Thinking of the new year and your aspirations for 2013?  – a better relationship? So complete the Relationship health check and count  up your score, start to make it different, make an appointment.

Counselling leaflet

Please take the opportuntity to download my Clevedon Counselling leaflet, it provides information on my services,  locations, fees and contact details.