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Boarding stories

More horror stories of Boarding.

From Fear to Anger : Ways Negative Emotions Affect Your Behaviour

Emotions – good or bad – play a big role in your mental health. Whether it’s anger, fear, joy or gladness, each of the emotions we experience have a purpose. However, when not handled well, they could backfire and put our mental health in danger. Your emotions impact how you think and behave. So understanding […]

Counselling leaflet

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When you’re feeling stressed or tense a quick, useful and easy  exercise  can immediately release tension. Try it yourself.


Grief cycle

When we are experiencing loss it can be helpful to understand the process that we are going through.The attached model from Cruse shows a simple image.

Anxiety – relaxation technique

When you’re feeling anxious a relaxation exercise can help to bring a sense of calm and help you through the day.