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Mental health Awareness Week – Investing in Relationships

Huffington Post – Mental Health Awareness Week: Half Of Brits Regret Not Investing In Relationships That Could Help Them Having strong relationships with friends and family can improve our mental healthand wellbeing, yet many Brits are failing to make those vital connections with others. A report from the Mental Health Foundation has found that nearly half of Brits (46%) […]

The world of body image

An interesting article by my colleague Mel on Zusterchap Zusterschap –The world of body image – Masculinity and body building In this blog for women who want to challenge social norms by Relate’s MEL CIAVUCCO who works at Relate Avon, she talks about relationships and Relate’s work.  She says: Relationship breakdowns are a difficult part […]

The penny drops!

At last awareness is increasing that childhood trauma affects health into adult hood, listed to this radio 4 programme ‘Unhealthy child unhealthy adult’

Sleepless nights?

The easy answer for some is  switch your phone/tablet/ laptop off!!

Sally Fraser speaks

This an interesting and challenging article from my friend and blogger Sally Fraser see :-

Gransnet – How to cope with divorce in later life

Gransnet – How to cope with divorce in later life Relate counsellor, and author of the Mature Guide to Love and Sex, Barbara Bloomfield has written a piece on coping with divorce in later life for Gransnet.

5 toxic relationship habits people think are normal

5 toxic relationship habits people think are normal While it can be difficult to recognise signs of an unhealthy relationship when it is your own, it is important to take the occasional step back and assess whether you’re happy with how things are between you and your partner. Users on question-and-answer website Quora have been discussing certain […]

Relationships -Radio 4 Womans Hour    Wednesday 22nd April – Please use link for Radio four woman’s hour Relationship phone in . . The benefits of Relationship Counselling. if you need help, get in touch.  See link    

Relate relationship report 2014

Relationships in the South West under the microscope: new study reveals our couple, family, friendships, sex and work secrets  1 in 10 people don’t have a single close friend (9%) Nearly 1 in 5 people never or rarely felt loved in the two weeks before the survey (18%) 1 in 5 people say they are […]

Relationship Counselling is good for you

Our own sense of identity and worth often depends on the strength of our relationships and we can fall into despair if our closest relationship fails. Our closest relationship, to our partner, is based on intimacy and trust. If it isn’t there or if it deteriorates, our health and happiness can suffer. It’s normal for […]