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Everyone knows something’s wrong with politics in Britain. Now the psychotherapists take note.…/comment-boarding-school-has-scarred…

Boarding School at an early age is child abuse

Thais is the video from George Monbiot , the renowned Guardian Journalist and campaigner. Click on ‘Read more’ for link

Debate about Boarding school -Edinburgh Nov ’14

Sally Fraser writes about the new study which examines the academic results of so-called ‘disadvantaged’ pupils in boarding schools at

Boarding again

    Another excellent article from Nick Duffell following the Endinburgh Uni debate and appearance on Scotlands Newsnight programme. This is from Bella Caledonia

Boarding,Politics & Psychotherapy

A well written piece by Nick Duffell that articulates the lack of debate due to the ‘mad’ but normalised concept of those who can afford it ‘for better education’ sending their children away.  

Boarding issues in the news

Good news from my Colleague Nick Duffell of Boarding school survivors. Finally a result on the boarding topic in politics – we ran away with the debate in the University of Edinburgh to ban boarding for the under 16s and then Scottish Newsnight picked it up and interviewed me, although focussed really only in names […]

Boarding school syndrome in Der Spiegel

 David Cameron is a sick man. The British Prime Minister, educated at Eton and Oxford, suffers from ‘boarding school syndrome’ (BSS). Growing up in elite boarding schools from the age of seven left him socially incompetent – especially towards women –, emotionally immature and with a very shaky sense of morals.  This, at any rate, […]

Boarding schools

So here’s an American view of the strange social attitudes (the British) we have  towards the impact of Boarding schools. From The New York Times: 30/07/2014 Britain’s Crime of Complicity The political establishment is tangled in a web of deceit and intrigue over decades of child sexual abuse.

Boarding Survivors

Three months ago, Alex Renton ( The Observer) wrote about the abuse he suffered at boarding school. Among the hundreds of emails he received from men wanting to share their experiences, there were others from women – wives, mothers, sisters – who have watched in horror as the men they love struggle with their demons. […]