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OOPS !! s two incorrect postings, my fingers not behaving … I am now listed on    which is where I practice from in Clevedon. It’s a lovely quality place to work with a variety of practitioners to assist your health in mind ,body and spirit, take a look. 

Solutions or problems ahead?

  Outgoing people are happier Journal of Research in Personality 17 July Young adults who are more outgoing or more emotionally stable are happier in later life than their more introverted or less emotionally stable peers, new research at the University of Southampton has found. Young adults with higher levels of neuroticism were more susceptible to […]

‘Busy doing nothing ?’

As the song goes ‘I’m busy doing nothing…’ and there are real benefits  to that however neuroscientists are trying to work out why the brain does so much when it seems to be doing nothing at all. And the answer is: quite a lot. See