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Cyber Bullying:

An article from my local colleague Ron Van de Holt on Cyber Bullying: There’s a growing awareness and recognition that cyber bullying is prevalent and growing issue in regards to children and adolescents. Cyber bullying often occurs via social media and can have a very negative impact on the victim. Cyber bullying has been linked […]

And …this time it’s personal psycho-compulsion and workfare is a WellRedFilm that  explores the underpinnings of the psycho-coercive practices endorsed by the Government; interviews with leading academic researchers and the Mental Health Resistance Network.  At the very moment when the Government is reducing the ability of NHS mental health practitioners to serve those who are unwell, they are investing public money in […]

Ancient chant has healthy brain benefits

From my colleagues at www.healthy Researchers at Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences in Lucknow, India have confirmed that listening to the sound of OM activates the areas of the brain involved in emotional empathy and relaxes the parts of the brain used in everyday functioning. “Listening to the OM sound activates areas […]

Internet gift

One of the gifts of the internet for me is the ever present resource of Wikipedia that I take for granted. However it costs to run so I just donated to Wikipedia to help keep it ad free! Can you donate a small amount too? Wikipedia is the #5 site on the web and […]


(Campaign Against Living Miserably) have launched a nationwide campaign aimed at raising awareness for the suicide charity. 12 men a day take their own lives in the UK, a staggering statistic, and one that deserves more attention. The simple idea behind the campaign is to increase men’s vocabulary, with new words relating specifically to awkward, annoying, joyous […]

“Think yourself happy”

to promote my friend Annette’s good work …. I just wanted to take the opportunity to email you a link to read a guest article I wrote for a friend’s lifestyle blog on ‘Think Yourself Happy’ I thought it a good opportunity for you to find out a little bit more about what I do. Some useful […]

website revamped

Hi all, Mike has completed my website revamp…it looks absolutley great, so please look it up ‘Like’  it on my facebookpage – clevedoncounselling comment and follow on twitter to ‘@clevedoncouns ‘ or comment/ like on my Linkdn page Clevedon Counselling

re vamped website

For those of you who have waited with bated breath for the revamped website I regret we’re having birthing problems…more honestly my website man hurt his back at his daughters sports day so had to rest…what was he doing !!!  So hope to send news out on Monday with a BIG SHOUT!!!

updated website

I’m updating my website to give you an even better experience of accessing information and support from Clevedon Counselling. So take a look next week and  provide me with some feedback, a ‘Like’ on my facebook page, a comment on Linkdn or Tweet a response to ‘@clevedoncouns’  I look forward to hearing from you.