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Is online porn really “damaging” young people’s health?

Is online porn really “damaging” young people’s health? Article in the New Statesman about the documentary by Radio One’s Newsbeat documentary: Growing Up On Porn.

Boys & Pornography

This article highlights the difficulties and increasing concerns for boys with easy  access to online prornography.

Sexual offending

A colleague of mine is developing a new service and needs your help. I hope me sending this to you does not offend you in any way, we are trying to establish the need for help and support in the South West. StopSO (the Specialist Treatment Organisation for the Prevention of Sexual Offending) has  designed […]

Sexual Addiction

  Sexual addiction Dealing with sexual addiction in a relationship can be very distressing for both parties. Paul has been trained by the renowned Paula Hall, a Relate and Independent Sex Therapist, to recognise sex addiction and what to do when a client or couple have a problem. What is sex addiction? Sex addiction is a […]