Relationship Counselling

Relationships can be one of the most fulfilling and pleasurable areas in your life but they can occasionally become full of tension, resentment, conflict and arguments. I provide counselling for individuals and couples to identify and work through relationship difficulties creating positive and more fulfilling ways of relating.

Your counselling session will be confidential, providing you with space for exploration and reflection. More often than not it will provide a fresh perspective on your relationship creating opportunity for positive change and a more fulfilling relationship .

We might focus on:-

  • Communication Skills and constructive behaviour.
  • The influence and role of your family background.
  • Your expectations of your partner and family.
  • Your relationship patterns.
  • How you want the relationship to work.

Key areas for Counselling 

Developing healthy communication

Communication plays a pivotal role in our lives; especially in our close relationships. If you need encouragement or support or need to learn how to have a good constructive argument with a loved one without it deteriorating into a shouting match, escalating further and destructively or one partner sulking or giving the silent treatment.

Contact me now for an appointment to help you develop healthy communication skills and have a ‘good positive argument’ and still be friends.

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Managing anger

Managing anger can feel very difficult when we feel under pressure or stressed. However we can find ways to be assertive and express anger in a positive way achieving a win / win result in our relationship.

Contact me now for an appointment to help you become more assertive and express your anger healthily

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Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is a pattern of abusive behaviour by one or both people in a relationship. There are many different forms the abuse can take, including physical, verbal, psychological, sexual, emotional, threatening, intimidating or involve deprivation. Domestic violence is not a private matter it is a criminal act and therefore is not an issue that should just be kept between the two people in the relationship. The first practical step to take in abusive relationship is to tell someone. Discovered early enough, it may be possible to salvage the relationship and prevent the situation spiralling out of control through counselling and other support programmes.

Contact me now for an appointment to access support for your domestic abuse issues.

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Infidelity and Affairs

If you have been involved in or affected by an affair, you can come and talk it through, make sense of whats happened. We can find ways to work through the hurt, rebuild trust and focus on moving on in a positive and supportive way.

Contact me now for an appointment to explore and understand infidelity and affairs in your relationship.

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Separation and Divorce

Sometimes we have to accept that a relationship has run its course or that the differences are irreconcilable. I offer emotional support during the often frustrating and conflictual legal process of separation and divorce. However you may want to understand what went wrong and want to avoid those mistakes in the future.

Contact me now for an appointment to explore your relationship and separation or divorce.

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Bereavement and Loss

Loss is never easy, even when that loss is through separation and divorce. Tragedy such as this can have a significant effect on your everday life. There is a way through the feelings of hurt and difficulties that will ease your discomfort and will help you consider a different future.

Contact me now for an appointment to explore and access support for your loss.

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Internet and Pornography

If the internet is used habitually and secretively to access pornography and it is affecting you, your partner and your relationship you need help and support.

Contact me now for an appointment if the Internet and Pornography are causing problems in your relaionship

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