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This is well overdue, at last the Minister appears to be listening

Scale of suicide, talk to someone!!


Survive & thrive Christmas…

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Christmas day ?

Guardian Family – Christmas Day doesn’t have to be about families

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It’s not all fun

As we know Christmas can be a particularly vulnerable time It can be lonely for people and feel excluding to people who celebrate different festivals All the emphasis on seasonal jollity can be hard for people experiencing loss remembering loss and in times of personal or family crisis and struggle.

Nature writing

I feel this is an important article.

Peaceful Christmas? Advice….

Peaceful Christmas advice  How to avoid arguments and keep the peace in your house this Christmas

Roots to Happiness

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Is your partner ‘phubbing’ you? Researchers say phone snubbing is killing relationships  Phubbing is when your partner is distracted by their smartphone. 70% say phubbing hurts their ability to interact with their partners. Handsets are relationship downers – up there with money, sex and kids. Using a handset while with a partner undermines the relationship’s quality