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OOPS !! s two incorrect postings, my fingers not behaving … I am now listed on    which is where I practice from in Clevedon. It’s a lovely quality place to work with a variety of practitioners to assist your health in mind ,body and spirit, take a look. 

Normalising of inter personal violence

Please watch this video giving  information regarding the normalising of violence – especially against women – in our society through having it appear in books and the media.  This research specifically looks at how that happens with the book 50 Shades of Grey. TV-interview

Domestic Violence

Today is International Mens Day and in Bristol we have a celebration event promoting the White Ribbon- Men to make a stand against violence to women and girls- join us at11am on College Green. Presentation to the Lord Mayor  for Bristol achieving Whit Ribbon City status.

Solutions or problems ahead?

  Outgoing people are happier Journal of Research in Personality 17 July Young adults who are more outgoing or more emotionally stable are happier in later life than their more introverted or less emotionally stable peers, new research at the University of Southampton has found. Young adults with higher levels of neuroticism were more susceptible to […]

‘Busy doing nothing ?’

As the song goes ‘I’m busy doing nothing…’ and there are real benefits  to that however neuroscientists are trying to work out why the brain does so much when it seems to be doing nothing at all. And the answer is: quite a lot. See

stress busters

Nature reduces stress at work Economic and Social Research Council 29 July Taking time out in natural ‘green’ environments can help us cope with stress at work, new studies show. Researchers at the University of Essex have found that green environments can be an effective ‘stress buster’ and that encouraging employees to take a lunchtime […]

Domestic Violence

How right Julie Bindel ( Guardian 26th May)  is to draw attention to the need for an inquiry which might come up with recommendations to help prevent domestic violence on women and children happening in the first place. see article:- and sign up to the 38 degrees petition too.

Conditions of service

Please find attached my client agreement and conditions of service. Unsocial hours or weekend appointments  will incur a Premium fee of £80 per session.

Relationship Health Check

Thinking of the new year and your aspirations for 2013?  – a better relationship? So complete the Relationship health check and count  up your score, start to make it different, make an appointment.

Counselling leaflet

Please take the opportuntity to download my Clevedon Counselling leaflet, it provides information on my services,  locations, fees and contact details.