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If we ignore all the problems in Britain will they just go away? Read more:

new film on boarding

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keep calm….breathe

‘Strong and healthy’ relationships matter – Supporting relationships makes economic sense, says relationship charities’ manifesto Some coverage here from the launch of the Relationships Alliance 2017 manifesto, which calls on all political parties to support strong and healthy relationships if they get elected.

Boarding stories

More horror stories of Boarding.

Positive feedback

Just received this feedback from a couple attending Relationship Counselling with me. “I just wanted to say a big thankyou to you and that you have really helped us both move forward in our relationship and ultimately help secure our relationship forever. Therefore, we won’t be attending any more sessions with you, so please cancel our […]

School of hard knocks: the dark underside to boarding school books

School of hard knocks: the dark underside to boarding school books

“Stiff upper lip” by Alex Renton

At last some prime time reporting on the cruel boarding school scandals. ISA ( Independent schools association) still misses the point of the absence of parents and love!  

Domestic abuse sentence wrong

This sentence is wrong. This man’s actions were premeditated, controlling and unacceptable. See