Boarding School

Have you or your Partner attended Boarding School? Does the information below describe you or your partner? Consider the hidden and highly damaging effects of ‘Boarding School Syndrome’. Are you struggling with your relationship? Is your partner continuously...


Coaching is a positive process of changing your life. It assists you through a process that enables you to recognise and overcome what prevents you achieving your full potential. It will help you :- Create a clear vision of your future Clarify your goals Overcome...


When you're feeling stressed or tense a quick, useful and easy  exercise  can immediately release tension. Try it yourself.

Grief cycle

When we are experiencing loss it can be helpful to understand the process that we are going through.The attached model from Cruse shows a simple image.

Making Contact

‘Clevedon Counselling’ is now the website of Shelley Limbrick and Judith Howell who work collaboratively in Clevedon and Wraxall.

Judith Howell

Tel 01275 876194
mob. 0779 228 5146

Shelley Limbrick

Tel.mob 0799  938 7851